Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) based on high- and multi-fidelity methods have been intensively investigated during the last decades in academia and government research labs, and were shown to be promising tools for aircraft design. However, the perception exists that only limited transfer of formal MDO techniques into daily design work of aircraft and engine manufacturers has been achieved until today.

At DLR, IRT Saint Exupéry and ONERA, we explore, implement and test innovative ideas, methods and tools for practical MDO. With this experience and ambition at hand, we aim at bringing together practitioners from research and industry to discuss the bottlenecks and barriers of MDO use in industry, so that future solutions can be designed with these issues in mind.

This European workshop is the second of a planned workshop series organized by DLR, IRT Saint Exupéry and ONERA. The ambition is to strengthen a European MDO community and to enhance collaboration on the subject.

Targets of the 2nd workshop:                                                                        

> Establish a discussion platform among European institutions that assesses state-of-the-art MDO for aircraft industry and maintains European lead in real-world MDO;
> Uncover gaps and shortcomings of current MDO, for both high-fidelity and multi-fidelity methods;
> Understand industry’s requirements and targets concerning MDO and its link with Model-Based System Engineering, and openly discuss industrial needs;
> Keep research in MDO on the right track, innovative and serving the prospects of the real-world users;
> Provide stimulus for future targeted research in the field and for collaboration among participants.

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> Workshop: 19-20 November 2019


> Registration: closed




The workshop is paired with the 1st MDO PhD Day also located in Toulouse and planned on 21st November.
If you are interested in this event, please register on its own platform.

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